Avoid the Casino Sharks!

Dont get roasted like a turkey

One thing we hate is losing money, to lose in a fair way sucks but to lose out to a bunch of scam artists makes us sick! Despite increased regulation and restriction in the online casino world there are still a number of casinos out there with one rogue purpose in mind. To roast you like a turkey on thanksgiving.

To help you avoid these casinos we´ve started to reveiw the sites that we believe are amongst the finest (not to mention safest) in the world.

These reputable casinos offer all the casino games that you would expect to find in the best online and offline casinos around the globe from casino video poker, to on line slot machines, roulette, blackjack and craps. Indeed, everything you would expect from download and no download casinos. As well as some of the best casino bonuses on the planet.

What qualifies us to judge? Well, for a start we have all worked in the online casino industry for quite some time. We know what works and what dosent and how to spot a bad casino site.

It makes us sick that some chop shops refuse to pay out winnings but did you know that some of the biggest sites in the world are bugged by security issues and are still out to spank their players.

Well, we say let them! In this section you will find comprehensive reviews of our favourite casinos. They may not be the ones you have initially heard of but they all hold you, the player, in high regard and recognise you as the lifeblood of their operation.

We have fully funded accounts at every one of the featured sites and have checked everything from initial sign up bonuses, speed of customer service, gameplay, game choice, retention bonuses, security and ease of cashout (to name but a few).

Check out our lucky nugget casino review. This online casino leads the field in terms of bonuses, gameplay and sheer all round casino panache.

So, how to we spot, and then avoid these rogue casinos?


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Re: Avoid the Casino Sharks!
Posted By casino-chip 1 May 27, 2009 10:27:01 AM

I always find that checking out an online casinos customer service department is one of the best ways not to get bitten. I mean, if they don't even respond to a simple question about something tame such as their free casino games then what chance do you think you will have if you have a question about cashing out your casino winnings from using a free money bonus or something like that. I rate it in two ways. Number one is if a casino online has live working chat support or even better still telephone support. Second is if they only have email support do they get back to you in a timely manner with the right casino information you were looking for. IMHO the availability and level of service that an online casino offers to gamblers says much more about a site than most other checks that people make. Of course, there may be exceptions but I just found that it works for me.

Re: Avoid the Casino Sharks!
Posted By beast_belly 1 May 28, 2009 02:54:15 PM

casino chip you are right about checking out the customer service at online casinos as a way of making sure they are genuine and not rogue casinos. I always ask the customer service teams on live chat or on the phone where they are regulated? are they white listed by any Government approved casino lists? who their casino software provider is? or whether they actually use third party auditors that I have heard of like KPMG or PWC (accountancy firms). I am always amazed that these so called casino customer service agents don't have a clue when it comes to answering these basic questions. I then think that if they don't know how their own casino operates there is no way I am going to do a casino download or even play at their no download casinos or free money casino games. I just steer well clear of these obvious rogue operators.
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