Making Withdrawals From An Online Casino

As with depositing gambling money at an online casino you need to be sure of how you're going to collect and cash out your winnings. Be aware that often the method you used to make your deposit is not always suitable for casing out your money. This is not a problem but you should

Making Withdrawals From An Online Casino

To make withdrawals you will need to access your casino account and choose your preferred method of receiving your money.

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfers (EFT)/Wire Transfer
  • eWallets
  • Checks and Money Orders


Credit/Debit Cards

As with depositing, withdrawing cash from an online casino account to a credit/debit card is one of the fastest and most convenient methods. However, many casinos don't actually allow withdrawals back onto a mastercard.

When you wish to make a withdrawal, click on ‘cashier'. The cashier will automatically be adjusted to display ‘Withdrawal by Credit/Debit Card' if you have registered a card.  Select the withdrawal amount, click on the corresponding withdraw processing link and the funds will be transferred onto the credit/debit card.

Bank Transfers/Wire Transfers

This is one of the safest and fastest methods for funding/withdrawing from an online gambling account, for those without an eWallet.  Since instructions vary with each casino, to get started with this deposit method click on the ‘cashier' at the chosen gambling site, select ‘EFT or wire transfer' from the deposit options and follow the instructions posted there.  It is worth bearing in mind that there is often a charge issued with a wire transfer.


Moneybookers - There is a charge for withdrawing money from your moneybookers account. These are; via bank transfer: € 1.80 flat fee, via cheque: € 3.50 flat fee and via credit/debit card (Visa only): € 1.80 flat fee. For currency specific information, please check their website

NETeller - NETeller offers several withdrawal methods including withdrawal by Credit Card, Electronic Funds Transfer, Check, Fed Ex Check and FCash. To request your winnings please start the casino and click on ‘cashier'. Select ‘Withdrawal by NETeller' and follow the instructions.

Click2Pay - Withdrawing funds takes around 3 working days and are subject to a small fee of around 2 euros.  For more detailed information on fees, specific to your country, visit the website.

Firepay - Withdrawals from Firepay are free and you can receive EFT payouts back to your bank account at no cost (certain restrictions apply). See the website for details.

Checks and Money Orders

Another option for depositing funds into an online gambling account is via a cashier's check or money order. To begin this funding method, players must first visit their selected gambling site, click on ‘cashier' and follow the instructions listed under ‘deposit by check or money order.' Note that to avoid problems or delays, players may be required to enclose personal information (name, provider account, PIN code, etc) with the deposit.  It is worth noting that this is a more lengthy process than the previous methods stated to receive your funds.

So, we've covered most of the online casino basics and we know the facts about depositing and withdrawing money but what about gameplay? The speed and quality of casino gaming comes down to the speed of your internet connection and PC.



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Re: Making Withdrawals From An Online Casino
Posted By slot-nachine 1 May 29, 2009 11:12:57 AM

I play with and I've found to my suprise that I can't withdraw my casino winnings back onto my mastercard! They were quick enough to take my cash in the first place then tell me I have to use a different method to cash out and get MY HANDS ON MY OWN MONEY. What can I do about this. It feels like they have stolen my money.

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