How to Spot And Avoid A Rogue Online Casino

Research your chosen online casino so you don't get burned!

OK so it's not all roses and cash bundles. Online gambling is now a cut-throat industry in terms of competition, so fraudsters are greatly reduced - but they're still out there. Here are some tips on how to avoid dodgy, fake and rogue online casinos.

Check out their Website - Gauge whether the company feels professional from their web presence. Is the name memorable and meaningful? This often reflects on a company's integrity. If they have invested here, this is often a good indicator that they will invest in their future players. Make sure they answer some basic questions: Who is the software provider? Where are they located (licensing jurisdiction)? Who is the parent company? - If you don't know this, move on

Make sure they have clear terms and conditions - Don't be a sucker for deals that are too good to be true - they more than likely aren't. Check out the wagering requirements for their welcome bonus, if they aren't displayed or are ridiculously high then stay clear. You will also find many online casinos have their payouts looked at by independent auditors, safeguarding against fixing and bad odds.

Check out customer service - Does the site offer online chat? You can have some fun here. Use it to check them out. Ask some basic questions and see what they know. If their knowledge is sadly lacking, take your business elsewhere. What about email responses? These should be quick and coherent. If not, move on.

Steer clear of Spam - The evil spawn of email communications. This is a warning on the integrity of a company. Big black mark I'm afraid.

Beware of poor site maintenance/grammar/spelling - If a company is scrimping by not bothering to pay a proof reader to upkeep a good site image, do you really think they will look after you, the customer? Sadly not.

Be wary of phoney awards or seals of approval - Especially if there are no direct links through to the accreditor's websites. Check them out yourself or ask on a forum to check whether it's aboveboard.

Use the online community - Read the forums and post questions. Share views and experiences with other gamers.It's important that you try and learn from the experiences of others. Now, we've played at hundreds of online casinos over the past 10 years, but still only really feel comfortable in recommending a handful of sites. Check out our casino reviews section for the casino sniper whitelist.

Don't forget that only points you towards well respected gaming providers, but these tips will help you be more streetwise in the online gambling world.

So, what does this mean for players? Is the whole industry corrupt or are there any safe online casinos?



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