Online Casino Welcome Bonuses Explained

The ‘Sign Up Bonus' or ‘Welcome Bonus' is the bonus that is offered to the player upon registering or depositing at the casino for the first time.

These bonuses vary wildly in both format and size and are primarily used by online casinos to encourage players to sign up and deposit with that particular casino. These sign up bonuses are also used to encourage free money players or ‘fun players' to make their first real money deposit at the casino. 

These casino bonuses often seem very attractive at first glance. For example a $500 welcome bonus may lead you to think that when you sign up with a casino they will give you $500 to play with immediately. Its not quite as simple as this although, in most instances its still pretty easy to activate this money.

How does it work? Well, if we think of these bonuses as first time deposit bonuses as opposed to welcome bonues it starts to give you a bettr idea.

No business in their right mind will give away $500 for absolutely nothing. That would be commercial suicide. Rather, they require you to deposit $500, play a certain amount of games and then the bonus is usually realeased into your account.

There are many different terms and conditions that casinos use to protect their interests, and those of their genuine players, so its important that you understand what wagering requirements mean so you can spot them in the bonus terms and conditions.

Take a look at our guide to bonus wagering it is the singularly most important aspect to consider when signing up with an online casino and is iomportant whether you are simply gambling real money for fun or looking to earn a living using casino bonuses.



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