Casino Bonus Wagering Explained

Things to look out for when choosing a casino sign up or welcome bonus - Firstly, all players should be aware that it is a mistake to select a casino based on their sign up bonus alone. Often there are hidden catches and terms that mean the bonus is not as attractive as it may seem. However, with the right play through strategy it is easy to release your welcome bonus.

Guide to bonus wagering for casino gambling

Bonus Play through or Wagering Requirements

You´ve found a site, you like the graphics, the game play, you trust their security and you've established that they take bets from your country (i.e. USA online gambling). But most of all you want to get your hands on that lovely welcome bonus. What next?

Well, lets say that your chosen casino is offering a $500 welcome bonus. This is not and never will be completely free, you must jump through the hoops to get it.

The first thing we would recommend would be to deposit enough money to get the full bonus. Check out whether it is a 200% match or a 100% match (sometimes it will be even less). This percentage match means that the casino will match that percentage of your initial first time deposit with a cash gift.

So, for example

If an offer stands at 100% up to $500 you should deposit $500

For a 50% match up to $500 you will have to deposit $1000 to receive the 50% or $500 back

In the case of a 25% match up you would have to deposit $2000 to receive the full $500 bonus

Even by looking at this quick example its easy to see how much difference this makes when choosing an online casino to deposit at.

As well as looking at the percentage bonus offered you really do need to check out the casinos terms and conditions which can be easily found on most reputable casino sites. Here you are looking for the wagering, or play through requirements attached to the first deposit bonus becaus ethis will affect exactly when you are able to withdraw your welcome free money.

Most decent sites have around 40% wagering attached to this first bonus so, in the example of a 100% match up to $500, a player deposits their $500 and has to turn their deposit and bonus combined a total over 40 times to be able to withdraw their bonus money plus their initial deposit.

So, in order to withdraw your deposit and bonus you have to make wagers (bets) totalling $40,000 (40 x $1000). This sounds like quite a substantial sum, but dont worry, it is easily achiveable, you should bear in mind that this is wagering so you simply need to bet this amount, not win or lose it!

These play through requirements are in place to prevent players from depositing money, receiving the bonus and immediately withdrawing the full amount without even playing. Its good business practice and bear in mind there are always loopholes! But in general players should always check the bonus play through requirements, which can vary greatly and are usually located on the casino's bonus page, right after the bonus offer.

Also worth baring in mind with these kinds of gambling bonuses are the games that count towards the wagering requirements.  This is usually determined by the house advantage on certain games and many casino games will either be completely excluded from counting or will count much less towards the wagering requirements.  These games will often include Blackjack, Pai Gow and Video Poker amongst others.

Furthermore, players should understand that many casinos are part of a casino group.  These groups will only allow one Sign Up Bonus per player across all their casinos and have specific software in place to identify players who attempt to claim the bonus at more than one of their online establishments.  Often it is difficult for a player to ascertain if they are eligible for a bonus as a lot of groups do not publish the other casinos under their remit.  Players will often claim a bonus, play, and then be refused their cash out due to this.

Another point for players wishing to take advantage of a casino bonus is to remember that it is often difficult to keep track of the amount that has already been wagered towards the requirements for that particular bonus.  This can usually only be done by keeping manual records of the amount wagered each time a bet is placed, or, by ringing the casino help desk for the information.

There is no way to automatically track this information as the casinos try to discourage players from redeeming their bonuses with the sole intention of cashing out at the first opportunity.  A Sign Up Bonus is offered to players as a sign of good intent and also to give players the opportunity to really test out all the games and features that the software offers.

In reality though these bonuses are a great win win for both the casino and player but, as previously stated the most important factors of a casino are honesty, integrity and security and you should be give more onus to these aspects than the size of the bonus alone.

All online casinos reviewed on this site have, in our opinion, the best bonuses available on the planet. We play with them and have found them to be reliable, trustworthy and, crucially, fun!

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Re: Casino Bonus Wagering Explained
Posted By bonus_seeker 1 May 23, 2009 11:04:12 AM

Which online casinos have the easiest bonuses to claim? I have found the Bet365 bonus pretty easy to wager and cash out but are there any other casinos that are easier in terms of wagering and included games to claim and cash out?

Re: Casino Bonus Wagering Explained
Posted By monkeyman 1 May 26, 2009 04:52:50 PM

Dude, casino luck is one of the best for low wagering, included games and decent payout ratios. Their games may not be the best looking but hey, online roulette is online roulette right? The wheel spins and the ball lands! For me it seems like the ball lands better with casinoluck. Anyone else had any experiences?

Re: Casino Bonus Wagering Explained
Posted By monkeyman 1 June 6, 2009 10:01:03 PM

As an update you guys should also check out the wagering on the 'new' bonus and the bonus. They are scarily similar, one would think they are the same company ;) Anyway, $200 welcome bonus on each casino with only 40x wagering and the casino game of pai gow is included. Check it out for yourself, I've just made a cool 300 bucks this evening!
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