Claiming Your Casino Bonus

Before embarking on a particular bonus it is important that the player is aware of how they claim that bonus.
The most common complaint that gamblers have against online casinos surround bonuses.

Players must remember to check a casinos terms and conditions before depositing and be sure how to claim or redeem a particular gambling bonus.

Claiming your online casino bonus

Before embarking on a particular bonus it is important that the player is aware of how they claim that bonus and the process associated with cashing out free casino money.  Some bonuses are credited automatically as soon as the player completes a certain action (i.e. completing the registration from or making their first deposit at the casino) but it can also be the case that the casino asks players to manually claim their bonus either through a link on the website, or by contacting the service desk. In this instance there is often a timeframe in which the player needs to claim their bonus. 

Maximum Withdrawals

Another requirement that is often added to the terms and conditions of bonuses offered is the maximum casino withdrawal that a player can make when playing with bonus money.  Many online casinos will advise that the player can only withdraw 5 or 10 times the value of the bonus money (the amount subject to the particular casino).  This is worth noting, as should a player hit a big jackpot using bonus funds, they will be unable to withdraw the jackpot funds from the casino. Over the past few months we´ve noticed a proliferation of online casinos offering anything between $500 and $3000 worth of free play. Now, this is a really good offer, however, its become apparent that casinos are limiting the amount that you may actually win and withdraw from the casino. We´ve found that this is usually around the $200. So, no matter how much you win with the free money you may only withdraw a maximum of $200. As we say, its still a really good deal but its an important point to read and understand.

Eligibility of Bonuses

All players should check that they are eligible for the bonus offered at a particular casino.  This is often based on a player's jurisdiction - i.e., players from countries such as Denmark and Israel are often excluded from receiving any bonuses at all or are asked to complete higher play through requirements than the standard set for the rest of the world.  The reason for this is the amount of bonus abuse that has been attributed to players from these countries in the past.

It is advised that when visiting an online casino, players interested in the bonuses offered, should always take the time to read the conditions of the bonus but there´s little point in contacting a casinos customer services before you make your deposit as they will only reiterate what is in the terms and conditions. Our advice is to scan through the terms, go ahead and play and make sure you take a few regular screenshots just in case. One myth is that the online casinos are out to rip players off at every turn. We have accounts with all the online casinos reviewed or advertised on this site and can honestly say that we have never experienced problems with any of them when claiming a bonus.

So now we're comfortable with claiming a bonus lets look at the bonus hunters who make their living from hunting down and taking advantage of the best offers around.



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