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You've signed up with an online casino and you're gambling your chips on your favourite games. What more do you get from the casino now that you've had the welcome bonus?

Well, in addittion to all the other bonuses detailed on this site many casinos offer their players ongoing cash or reward points for simply gambling at their site, no matter if you're having a winning streak or just lost your shirt. The idea behind this casino meachanic is that it keeps you coming back for more. And usually these rewards are pretty sweet!

Are you rate tart or bonus hunter? Play one online casino, cash out the sign up welcome bonus and move onto the next? We say each to their own and why not make a bit of cash on the side. However, have you actually stuck around long enough so see what sort of loyalty bonuses you get just for staying active?

How do Casino Loyalty Bonuses work?

The basic premise of an online gambling loyalty bonus is for the casino operator to reward more frequent and larger bets with points, sometimes referred to as comp points.

This way, any player that places relatively large and frequent bets will be rewarded accordingly.  Casino player's loyalty points are often accumulated into a loyalty account.  Players can either continue to accumulate these points each time they wager at the casino, or they can exchange them for casino cash or sometimes gifts offered by the casino.

Accumulating loyalty points makes the gaming experience more exciting as Casino Loyalty Bonuses can come as a surprise. The player not only enjoys the freshness and entertainment of new online casino bonuses but also gets a better chance to make greater winnings than an occasional visitor.

Collecting comp points - When you start as a new player in an online casino that offers a points program you will start to earn points right from your very first bet as the loyalty program will be automatically tracked and updated.

Therefore, even if you're only interested in the welcome bonus always check your comp point balance and cash it out when you've decided to move onto a new casino. For those players that like to stick around for a while be sure to keep a close eye on your comp point earnings. You can usually do this in the casino cashier or by simply ringing or email an operators member services department.

Will I earn comp points for all games?

Obniously this differs amongst online casino operators, just as it would with land based casinos. In our experience the amount of points accumulated will often vary according to the game played with more comp points accumulated playing slot machines, than playing a low odds game such as Blackjack or Roulette

Do casino comp points get used for anything else?

The answer is a resounding YES! With loyalty bonuses comes VIP status.  Most online casinos will have a comprehensive VIP program in place to reward their most important players. 

How a player reaches VIP status will often depend on a number of factors including time spent at the casino, games played, amount of money deposited, amount of money wagered and a number of other factors.  Some online casinos will have an open policy of how a player reaches VIP status whereas others prefer to keep this information hidden to avoid promotion abusers.  It is worth checking a casino's terms and conditions and VIP promotions pages on their website to obtain more information on how to become a VIP player at any online casino.

Bronze, silver, gold, diamond VIP?

You won't be suprised to hear that even once you're a VIP there are a number of different levels available, each with their own perks and dedicated levels of service.

As a general rule if you deposit between $600 and $1000 in a single transaction you will start to receive added benefits. If you leverage this upwards to say $10,000 you will really notice the difference. Funny eh?

Special Bonuses and Promotions

All online casinos reviewed and advertised at casinosniper will give all their players the opportunity to take advantage of promotions on offer.  Regular weekly and monthly promotions are often published on a casinos website and are worth looking over to ensure they will meet the particular player's needs. 

Special bonuses will often include reload bonuses (whereby the casino will match a certain percentage of the player's next deposit), double loyalty points (whereby a player can earn twice the number of points on certain games) and other promotions to cater to every level of player.

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