How To Win Pai Gow Casino Poker

Pai Gow Casino Poker has a fantastic payout ratio on most of the major casino networks such as Playtech. Its for this reason that most online casinos exclude this game from the welcome bonus wagering / gambling. But even without that this game can be a HUGE earner.


If you´re looking for an easy win casino game with one of the highest payout ratios available then Pai Gow casino poker HAS to be on your radar. Its pretty simple to get to grips with and, just like Blackjack its played against the dealer. We've found that by following the rules and strategy below e've found ourselves a nice little earner.

  • 6 to 7 players  (dependant on house rules) sit around a table
  • Each player puts 2 bets down of equal value
  • From a deck of 53 playing cards (52 normal cards plus 1 Joker) each player receives 7 cards face down. 7 X 7 = 49 cards.  The Joker is always used as an Ace unless helping to complete; straight, flush or straight flush
  • When there are less than 7 players, cards are dealt to empty spaces, then discarded
  • Form the best 2 hands available from the 7 cards - a 2 and a 5 carded hand. Place the 2 card hand "low hand" in front of the 5-card hand "high hand".


  • The 5 card hand ranks higher than the 2-card hand. Failure to observe this and you lose automatically.
  • The 5 card hand is rated as in poker, except that second highest ranking straight after A,K,Q,J,10 is A,2,3,4,5
  • Due to the Jokers, the highest 5 card hand is 5 Aces
  • In turn players reveal their hands to be compared with the bankers hand


  • The Player wins both bets if both hands beat the Bank
  • The Player loses both bets if both hands are beaten by the Bank
  • The Player is breakeven if one hand wins and the other loses (known as 2push")
  • In order that the house maintains an edge, when hands are tied (i.e. pair of 6's against pair of 6's) the Bank wins



In 9 out of 10 hands you will have nothing to work with or at best have a pair.With nothing put your second and third highest cards in your low hand.With one pair place it in your high hand with the 2 highest remaining cards in your low hand.

With 2 pairs much depends on the quality of the remaining 3 cards. If good,  (higher than Jack) place both pairs in your high hand and best 2 remaining cards in your low hand. If the quality is not good place the inferior pair in your low hand.

With 3 pairs put your best pair in your low hand

With 3 of a kind put them in your high hand and 2 highest remaining cards in your low hand except with 3 Aces in which case split them putting a pair in your high hand and single Ace in your low hand. You can also do same with Kings if your remaining cards are poor

With a choice of Flush or any Straight, or both, play whichever hand as your high hand, which gives you the best low hand.

With Full House, split to have a pair in your low hand except if the other cards are very high and the pair is low.

With 2 X 3 of a kinds break the higher one into a pair and place as your low hand.

With 4 of a kind same as point 3

As we said, Pai Gow casino poker is fairly simple to get a handle on. Why not give it a go at Rome Casino.



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Re: How To Play Pai Gow Casino Poker And Win
Posted By Fagor 1 May 29, 2009 11:46:54 AM

I am a bonus hunter and I used to play download pai gow casino poker as a way of unlocking and cashing out some major bonuses. I made $20,000 in 2 months just by playing pai gow on casinos that were on the playtech network. But, I've found that many of these old favourites now have pai gow as an excluded game. Are there any online casinos out there that still accept playing pai gow casino poker towards the welcome bonus?

Re: How To Play Pai Gow Casino Poker And Win
Posted By beat-casino 1 June 1, 2009 10:35:45 PM

@Fagor, bust your moves round to mansioncasino and Man, they have included pai gow casino game as part of their welcome bonus at both casinos as of today, 1st June 09. There's no saying how long it will stay like this so go hunt them like a tiger, baby. And let me hear you roar! Hounds... release!!!!
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