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Online slots! Crazy experience, mental payouts and cute games continue make this genre of online casino gaming the most popular accross the board. You can´t miss the jackpots on offer at some of the networked sites. We´re talking millions of $$$ in jackpots paid out every single living breating DAY! Man, we love this world.

Online slots

Slot Machines have always been one of the most prominent features of casinos all over the world, usually covering around 80% of the casino floor.  The graphics and noises these machines add to the casino atmosphere and the huge jackpots and prizes never fail to draw the gambling masses.

The first recorded slot machine originated in San Francisco in 1895.  This was known as the Liberty Bell and was produced by car mechanic, Charles Fey.  The machine had three reels, with each reel having four symbols - diamonds, spades, hearts and a cracked liberty bell.  Today this original machine can still be found in the Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant in Reno, Nevada.

Whilst this original slot machine was developed extensively over the years, it was when slots machines hit the online casino gambling arena that they became as technologically advanced as they are today.  Online slot machines operate in exactly the same way as those found in land-based casinos, containing a computer chip known as a Random Number Generator that controls the outcome of every spin.  Since slots are computer driven, they are ideally suited for the internet.

The following tips are worth bearing in mind for anyone adventuring into the world of online casino slot gambling:

  • Choose the machine you wish to play on, with the choice of online slots available there really is something to suit everyone depending on your particular needs.  For some players the size of the Jackpot is the most important aspect, whereas for others the look and feel of the machine is paramount.  Either way, take your time and select an online slot machine that suits you.
  • Make sure you check the pay table on the online slot you select to ensure you understand the values of the symbols and what combinations you need to win as well as wild cards and bonus features.
  • Set your limits before you start playing.  Your bankroll for each session should be reasonable for your budget and should you wish to sample other games the casino has to offer, make sure you don't throw your entire bankroll away on the first machine you sit at.
  • Decide what stakes you are going to play. One of the big advantages of playing online is the variety of stakes available to players from several dollars a spin to machines that cost as little as $0.01 a spin.
  • Check the rewards club for that particular casino and make sure you are earning points as soon as you start playing.  Online slots will often earn players more loyalty points than any other game so it's worth checking this.
  • Keep your winnings.  A good tip for all online slot players is to put away the money they win and only play with the money in their bankroll.  This will ensure that you will always have something to take away with you at the end of a session.
  • On the same note as the above, one of the main faults that plagues most online slot players is that they are driven by greed and are never satisfied with their winnings.  Often these players will continue playing, trying to increase their winnings until it is all gone.  It is always better to quit while you are ahead of the game rather than chasing further winnings and leaving with nothing.
  • If you are having a run of bad luck on a particular machine then don't be afraid to close that session down and start again on another.  If the online slot you are on isn't paying out, then there's a good chance that another one will.
  • Make sure you are aware of any special promotions or bonuses that are being offered on particular slot machines to make your money go further.  Many online casinos will offer players free spins or bonus rounds on selected slots.
  • Make sure you are always having a good time. We really mean this one. If you´re not enjoying yourself go and take some R&R, but be sure to get back to work before someone else claims your money and gets rich.



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