Online Casino Craps Explained

You could write whole books on Craps. It is virtually about the most exciting gambling game around. Just the noise around a craps table sends the adrenalin into orbit. This game pays and it pays big. The only downside is that outside of Vegas many dont know the basics let alone how to beat the house

Online Casino Craps Explained

Guide to Craps

This fascinating game originated in Pre-Christian Egyptian times and casino craps traces its routes to a game called "Theban Dice". Interesting... but for any player new to Craps the very sight of the table is daunting, never mind the noise level, which is enough to intimidate most people. Despite the initial perception of a very complex game, taken piecemeal, the game itself is relatively easy to understand.


Familiarise yourself with the table to start with and in particular with the 2pass line that is the strip that goes around a craps table. As a beginner you should just, to start with, stick to betting on the pass line. The pass line bet is essentially the bet on the first throw of the dice. This is known as "the come out roll". If you are the one rolling the dice, you are known as "the Shooter". Whether throwing the dice or not, you are praying for a 7 or 11 in which case you - WIN. You can always recognise a "come out roll" by the black laminated marker on the table, which will say "OFF".  If the shooter's come out roll is a 2, 3 or 12 he has rolled "CRAPS" and you lose.

Okay so 7, 11 you win, 2, 3, 12 you lose. 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 we are in a position known as "Pass Line Point" or simply "Point". You know you are in this situation because the dealer will flip the black laminated marker to "ON" and place it against the corresponding Point number achieved.

Now it gets interesting.  The shooter keeps rolling the dice until one of two events happens.

1          He rolls the "Point" number or
2          He throws a 7


Lose and the hand is over and a new player becomes the "Shooter".

Betting on the pass line in the way described above is a great way to get started. On top of matters the house edge for pass line bets at 1.41% is not bad.

Further bets

As soon as a "Point" is reached craps comes into its own and a whole range of betting possibilities open up.  Many of the names attached to the bet resemble something out of a major Bank's dealing room.

Odds Bets

Don't Pass

Buy Bets

Place Bets

Laying the Odds

Proposition Bets

Place Bets to Lose

Come Bets

Field Bets

Hard Ways

Don't Com

Lay Bets

Put Bets

I think you now have enough to get started. As with all games make sure you understand the rules when you are about to play. It is a busy place and the dealer has not always the time for explanation.

When you are the "Shooter" try and have a masculine throw without knocking everybody's chips over. Craps has its own dedicated language, slang if you like. Get used to it and you will feel right at home.

Now, relax, enjoy and play.



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