Progressive Slot Machines

Standard online slot machine games provide hard and fast games action especially if you set the dials to maximum and just let the whole damn thing ride out on its own mad gambling frenzy, but what about progressive slot machines?

As with all casino games using fixed odds we know what the expected slot machine payouts will be and have an idea as to if and when these will occur, and yes, sometimes we'll get lucky and hit a jackpot or mini jack.

But that's it, that's all there is to these slot payouts! So we reckon you should take a look at progressive slot games. Put simply a progressive machine is one in which the overall jackpot figure continues to grow with each and every bet that all players make. These progressive games will usually only be found at online casinos who are part of a network like Playtech and Microgaming. When playing these progressive networked slot games you will be contributing to the pot with a percentage of every single cent you put into the machine and the final jackpot is only determined when it is struck.

These jackpots can total millions of dollars and as the jackpots increase they do so exponentially the higher the prize becomes as more and more players enter the arena to try and hit it as it swells.

Now, this is not to say that the jackpot is the only prize you'll be playing for on a progressive machine as they pay out plenty of mini prizes as you would expect from a standard slots game. And from experience we can say that in our opinion these machines are neither looser than normal slots nor tighter.

Be sure that you maximise your chances of hitting it big by playing on machines that are part of a network and not those that simply call themselves progressive slots.

Types of progressive slots:

Standalone slot game: is not linked to other machines in any way and usually has a fixed jackpot size calculated by taking a percentage of all the bets made on that machine. The jackpot (which is usually displayed on a counter) will increase with each bet, of that there is no doubt but because it's not linked then the size and speed of jackpot growth will be far slower than if it was a linked slot machine. Indeed, there is no conceivable way that a standalone machine can ever payout the same sizes of jackpots as networked machines.

Internal linked progressive machines: are a number of machines that are linked together in one casino which can be either online or a real live. The jackpots on these machines can gather substantial momentum but are not as big or as juicy as wide area networked progressive slots which we covered earlier. The jackpots on wide area networked machines may lead to a player having a completely different lifestyle (at least until the gamble it all away).

Recent highest progressive jackpot winners:

11th May 2009 - A microgaming networked progressive slot called Mega Moolah payed out a MASSIVE $6.3 million USD jackpot prize. Which was the largest progressive online pot in history.

21st March 2009 - AlainM won over $2.5 million USD on the slots game Beach Life, a five reel, twenty line progressive machine on the Playtech network.

5th August 2008 - SylviaP from Canada hit $4.3 million USD on Playtech's Beach Life slot (nice!)

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