BlackJack Card Counting

When playing in an offline environment or live dealer casino gambling on a CWC or Playtech networked online casino it is sometimes possible to give yourself a huge advantage by learning the art of card counting and following a strict set of rules. Its actually not that difficult to learn how to count the cards in blackjack.

Blackjack Card Counting

Be vigilant. Do not make it obvious that you are card counting. While not illegal casinos take a dim view of it and as you are in a private club they can bar you from entry. However, most reputable online casinos that offer live dealer gaming will take a very long time to catch on before it is noticed.

Card Counting in Blackjack

This section only really applies if you are visiting a land based casino or playing in a live online casino game. You may try counting the cards in a truly online environment but, with the use of Random Number Generators, 'RNGs' employing this process is pretty much impossible. However, as we say we've used this process in online live gaming and it tends to work for us.

What is card counting?

Blackjack Card counting is a technique enabling the player to assess the probability of certain cards being dealt. For example if a deck of 52 cards is being used and 12 cards have been dealt and as yet no ace has appeared then the probability of the next card being an ace is higher than at the outset.

NEW PROBABILITY OF ACE:          4:40 or 1:10

To make card counting easier a simple technique has been developed. Often called "Hi Lo" or  "plus/minus" it assigns a value to cards.

2,3,4,5,6 assign +1
7,8,9 assign   0
10, face cards and aces assign -1

As cards are dealt, keep a discreet running total going. For example in a hand with 2 players and 1 deck if the cards dealt were:

player 1                                                10, 10

player 2                                                8, 10

dealer                                                   3, 10, 10 (busted)

When the score is negative this favours the dealer as there are fewer than average high value cards left in the deck and the small cards will inevitably come and snooker you. In this case reduce your bets. A positive count and the odds are with the player - increase your bet.

This all sounds a bit straight forward.  Not quite. The casino doesn't like things too even, so puts in a few complications. They will; add decks, put a stop point into the deck. The stop essentially means that regardless of where you are in the game the decks are reshuffled from that point.

So what if more than one deck is used? Simply divide the count by the number of decks remaining in the shoe.

So, a count of -4 playing a six deck game with 2 decks remaining in the shoe would give a count of-2.

When arriving at the casino check the house rules. Some casinos have reduced Blackjack payouts from 3:2 to 6:5. Do not play these casinos. While there must always be a slight edge, the edge is dramatically improved for the house with 6:5 Blackjack. We recommend that you walk away from the casino tables, online or otherwise.

In conclusion remember the basic rules and you will do well at Blackjack. Of all the games it is the one with the least house edge. The game is between you and the dealer, its a personal mission. Try and count cards but don't be obvious about it.

Now, does where you sit at the blackjack table have an imact on your game or chances of winning



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