Heads or Tails

What can we say about the online casino game of heads or tails (also known as spinner). It's straightforward, fast and gives a great fix with payout of just under evens. However, unlike the simple game of heads or tails we play as children, or at the start of a sporting match, betting on heads or tails is slightly different.

Yes, it is possible to find one or two online games of spinner that offer betting on a single coin but usually betting on heads or tails at a casino online involves the spin of two coins, which is where the house edge occurs.

Mind you, we're addicted and we don't mind saying it. We love spinner and there's always one or two in the online casino sniper offices whiling their time away. The most we've seen wagered on a single spin was a guy who had started out with a $5 stake and worked it up to $900. That final spin cause brought some excitement to an otherwise pretty dull day with everyone shouting their opinions and combinations for the next spin. Unfortunately the dude lost on the next flip but hey, he should have realized when he was ahead and taken $900 right?

He wasn't too bothered though because heads or tails casino arcade game counts towards wagering towards the deposit bonus at each and every casino we've come across, good or bad! We find this amazing because we regularly see winners at heads or tails. We don't know why this is, there is no magic formula and because it's included in bonus wagering we would be led to believe that the payouts aren't nearly as generous as blackjack or other excluded games. Maybe it's just us, why not try heads or tails out for free and without obligation. If you decide to play spinner for real money after having a go at these free games you can rest assured that Casino Tropez is one of the finest in the world.

We think it looks pretty sweet and as we say, we've had quite a bit of success and it really does pass the time at work. It's very simple to start to play; you basically just have to pick heads, tails, or one coin showing one and one coin to land on another such as heads and tails, or tails and heads. Now, interestingly you will usually be given the option of betting on one two or three spins. Whilst this increases the heads or tails payout when you're right we don't do this as we've found that for whatever reason we tend to lose. Actually, we don't tend to lose; we always lose when we go for the multi spin payout option. Maybe that's the trick! Just stick to the single coin game spins.

For example, take a look at the following probability of winning over one, two and three spins of the coins, and, of course, how it corresponds to the expected payout when playing this arcade game on a casino that is part of the Playtech network.





One spin




Two spins




Three spins







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