Scissors Paper Stone

Rock, paper, scissors or scissors paper, stone. Whichever name you give this casino arcade game it is no different to the game you used to play as kids, and we've even heard stories of it still being used to settle some serious questions, but more of that later. Rock, paper scissors arcade game, as it's known at casinos operating on the Playtech network has one aim; that of beating the computer or casino for a set amount bet.

As you would imagine (!) all you have to do is place your bet and pick one of the three options that you think will defeat the opposing show. It's really simple to play, and great fun for passing away some time.

For single and multi stage betting the following simple betting rules apply

Rock bests scissors because scissors are blunted by rocks

Scissors beat paper because scissors cut paper in two

Paper beats rock because paper envelopes rock

If both opponents pick the same icon then the game is a draw

Players may also bet that they can beat their scissors, paper, stone opponent in a back to back heads up series of two, three or even four games straight. But, he must win each one to win the moolah! There are no second chances. And bear in mind that the World Record holder for this game in a live environment scored only 98 correct guesses we reckon that scoring four straight wins against a random number generator are pretty slim especially for multi stage bets draws count as losses. But hey, it's got to still be worth a punt every now and again, right?

So, are there any tactics or strategies that can be employed in this casino game that will help to tip the odds of making a winning bet in a player's favour? The answer is unfortunately not on the casino version. This one is down to pure luck more than skill but we would still recommend mixing and matching your choices of rock, paper and scissors to get one up on the casino. The odds are in fact the same whichever symbol you pick. However, given the odds of winning take a look at the following table. The number of games we always go for is highlighted and the numbers should show you why.

The following table gives you some idea as to our estimated probability of winning and the payout you can expect to receive if you win a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Which game


Expected return %


$10 becomes

Single show

0.1 or a 1 in 9




Two shows

0.1 or 1 in 9




Three shows

0.04 or 1 in 27




Four shows

0.01 or 1 in 81





As you can see, we always bet on the two games in a row option. The odds are still 1 in 9 like the single hand show but the payout is 8.7 times your stake.

We just have to include a bit of rock paper scissors trivia here! And it's a fact that can give you an advantage when playing scissors, paper stone with friends, family or colleagues. The New Scientist magazine reported that the way to win this game is to always start with scissors because rock has been psychologically proven to be the most popular of the three shows. This, in turn means that your opponent is likely to go with paper, which means your scissors show wins.

So, by starting by showing scissors you should, theoretically grab yourself an early victory and maybe never have to buy a beer again.

The scissors show first strategy also worked well for the auction house Christie's in 2005 when an art collector couldn't make his mind up whether to sell a painting through them or their rivals, Sotheby's. In order to solve his conundrum he instructed them to play one hand of scissors, paper stone against each other. Not to be outdone Christie's consulted its own employees on the best strategy and settled on the advice of its director's 11 year old daughters. Their advice? Scissors because ‘everybody expects you to choose rock'.

It panned out beautifully as Sotheby's went in with paper and were cut in two by scissors as the $20,000,000 deal went to Christie's.

No one is saying you'll walk away with a cool twenty million dollars by playing rock, paper, scissors online arcade game but hey, it's fun and can be a nice little earner.



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