Bonus Bowling

Bonus bowling casino arcade game for real money is, in our opinion, one of the best casino arcade games we've seen from the Playtech stable. It's interactive, has great playability, not to mention good odds to win, and whilst we don't think you'll feel like you're at the local alley; we do think you'll enjoy using this casino game to increase your chip stack.

It's very easy to play, simply choose how much you want to bet on the predicted outcome of two rolls of your bowling ball, hit throw and you're off. We like to make a few hundred bucks at the bonus bowling alley before moving onto the roulette table. It's easy, and we don't know what it is but this game does seem to like to payout. And, as you would expect we always have some money on the strike!

The following options are available for your betting pleasure!

Zero to three pins knocked down

Four to six pins knocked down

Seven to nine pins flattened

Spare: A spare is called when all pins are downed but it takes two balls

Strike: Strike means that all ten pins in the bowling alley are knocked down by the first ball

Golden Frame: The bonus feature in this casino arcade game is called the Golden Frame and occurs every now and again. We've read reports that one in every three games is a golden frame but we can assure you this is not the case. Anyway, you can tell you're playing a golden frame because the scoreboard lights up to this effect. When playing these bonus games your own bets still count but you should be praying for a strike. If you get a strike on a golden frame you will receive a massive 10x all your stakes on the screen.

We tend to place our stakes on a number of different options and you'll see why by looking at the following table. The options we choose when playing with $100 are in bold.

Number of pins downed

Likelihood of happening %


If you had $100 on it

Zero to three




Four to six




Seven to nine












Our criticisms of bonus bowling are few and far between but we would have loved to have been able to aim our own bowl and choose our own ball. Also, it would be great to hear the crowd roar when you get a strike. But, at the end of the day mere game play is not what it's all about and as we've said, this arcade game seems to have a really decent payout for us. Give it a go and see for yourself.



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