Derby Day Casino Arcade Game

We were truly blown away by Derby Day online casino arcade game prom Playtech. It is one of the newest releases from the Playtech stable of casino arcade games and it's right on the button. They seem to have finally grasped the need for playability and interaction over and above the sheer monotony of some casino games such as the ‘legendary' roller coaster dice game.

Derby Day casino game gambling is pretty easy to get your head around and we love the little touches Playtech have finally given the hardened arcade gambler! Each race consists of six horses and these change from race to race out of a selection of 20 or so horses so when we've identified a consistent winner in the pack and the horse named ‘Deer of Doom' remains our current favourite. When we see this bad boy pop up we lump in and we lump in hard! It has yet to let us down.

Next to each horse name is the number of points it has won in this virtual season and when you click on the horse's name you'll see lots of information to help you place your horse race bet online. This information is what you expect on any form card at any racetrack in the World. There's so much thought gone into this Playtech arcade game, its great! We tend to focus on the race cards comments and the age of the running horse and then cast our eye up to the track conditions.

Now, at the risk of being criticised, we know that Playtech online casino arcade games are powered by a fixed odds platform driven by a random number generator, but we still love it and are always on the lookout for any irregularities in the game which allows us to exploit it and build our gambling bankroll. And, given that all these casino games count towards wagering of first deposit, welcome and sign up bonuses we think it's great.

There are a number of different bets that players can place and these are:

Winner: this one is self evident. Simply check the odds, pick your winner, choose your stake and hit confirm. The minimum bet on this one is 10 cents and the maximum ¡s $100

Derby Day Exacta Bet: On this one we go through the same process as before but choose both the first and second places

Place:  On the Derby Day casino game you can bet on any or a combination of horses to be placed either first or second

Show Bets:  Are similar to horse racing place bets but this time you can bet on any horse to finish either third, second or first

Pick 4 or 5: With this GG bet you bet on four or five horses to finish in the place that you setermine

Now, although we have five possible Derby Day bets that we can make, we choose to only wager on the winner and exacta bets as we've found that when we try and predict more the random generators closes us down and we tend to lose. That's not to say you shouldn't bet with your instincts, it's just that these bets tend to give us the best return on this casino game.

We also find that it's a good idea to make a mental note of which horse you've bet on because during the race it's difficult to keep track of. Apart from that we love this arcade game and it comes highly recommended.




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