Roller Coaster Dice

What can we say about the roller coaster dice casino arcade game? It's been a while since we first came across this interesting little gambling game and in the first instance we thought it would be great, with plenty of interaction, maybe a roller coaster moving across the screen with some great game play. How wrong we were. We can't work out what it is but this game simply doesn't do it for us.

We know where we are with casino games and casino arcade games in particular. We know the house edge is higher than table games, we know that the games are all driven by the same fundamentals but just packaged differently, but we don't need this point hammered home. In our honest and humble opinion, this game sucks. They should just have had a black background with a ‘choose stake' and ‘confirm' button with a simple win or lose result. It really does look like the guys at Playtech put in zero effort on this one and how it passed the production test we have no idea. Maybe it was the CEO's own creation? Or maybe it was his dog's. Whatever the reason we at online casino sniper avoid this one like the plague.

That's not to say that it isn't right for you and you won't enjoy playing it. It's just our opinion so if you want to know how to play roller coaster dice casino arcade game then here goes:

How to play roller coaster dice online arcade casino game

The objective of roller coaster dice is to correctly guess whether the next roll of two dice will be either the same or higher or the same or lower than the previous roll.

If you choose correctly your progress to the next round, if you're wrong then it's back to the start

There are 4 levels at which you can cash out.

To reach the first cash out level which is 4x your initial wager you must be correct 4 times in a row

The next payout level is only two correct guesses and it pays 7 times your initial bet

Moving on, if you then correctly predict a further 2 rolls of the roller coaster dice then you will receive a payout worth 13 times your initial stake

To make it to the end an arcade player must then correctly get a further two predictions for the final rewards which is equal to 30 times their first bet

Important points we found with this casino dice game

It amazed us how many times the dice total came to 6, or the numbers either side, i.e. 5 and 7. What are you meant to do with all these sixes? Whilst there is no empirical evidence to suggest this is rigged in some way try for yourself and see what we're on about with your own eyes. Mind you, every roller coaster dice casino experience is going to be different, I guess.

You do not win for each round in each game. You must reach four consecutive wins to be able to cash out.

The lowest bet is 10 cents and the highest is $200

The game states that two sevens in a row mean an automatic win

It's still a game of dice. It doesn't have anything to do with fairgrounds or roller coasters, no matter how much of a spin you put on it.



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