Around The World Casino Game

Around the World? This one makes us chuckle but we heard the payout is pretty good so we decided to take a look. We've found that as this is a relatively new casino game that many operators built some promotions around it. These seem a bit harder to come by these days as Playtech releases so many new games but we managed to grab an extra bonus and play this one.

Whereas we didn't see any sign of Mr. Fogg we did have a pretty good time and found the game play slick and engaging. We didn't find it quite as entertaining as some of the old favourites like Rock, Paper, Scissors or Derby Day but maybe that is just our perception. Around the World seems to have generated a pretty loyal following amongst many online casino players.

What we did find though was that we tended to lose from the start. We checked out some stats and reviews and it seemed as though if we tried to get to the end of level two then we got stung and stung hard over and over. This game uses a wheel with fifty two hard stops and three extra special stops. When you hit play you're guessing whether the next number on which you land will be higher of lower than the last. Basically, the more you progress in the game the more moolah you stand to win up to a maximum of just over 100x your initial wager.

Around the World casino arcade game has four levels of game play with seven stages in each one which must be taken and passed before a player can move on. When you start a new level you are assigned a number and then you simply have to guess whether the next number on is either higher or lower than yours in the first instance, and then higher or lower than your last number going forwards.

We liked the fact that the around the world casino game didn't operate a one strike and you're out policy like the bonus games that are attached to many online and offline slot machines. Obviously, if you guess right you move forwards but if you guess wrong you still move on but get a strike against your game round. It's like a warning shot because if you get two strikes then you're out. There are also some interesting bonus fields such as advance to the end of the level or removing strikes.

These strikes can be important as whilst they can keep you in the game they reduce your eventual winnings should you make it to the end. For example, if you were to finish the first stage with a strike against you then you will only get back the value of your bet. If you finish with no strikes then you win 2.5x your bet.  Now, when you reach the absolute end of the initial levels with no marks against your round you are given the option of either cashing out or gambling forwards to the next level. We at online casino sniper discovered through trial and error that the best way to try and push right through to the end of the fourth level and we'll cover this later on.

So, you've gambled and stepped up to levels two and three eh? Well, make it through this and you'll walk away with three times and 3.5 times respectively what you wagered at the start of the stages. And, if you make it through the fourth you'll pocket four times your game stake money.

So, what does this mean for players in terms of cold hard cash? Well, had you wagered $10 at the start of stage one and made it right through to the end of the fourth and final stage without picking up any strikes then you would pocket $1050 as 2.5x3.5x4 = 105 x $10 = $1050

As we said earlier, our game play at the around the world slot was something of trial and error and we did find that the fourth level was consistently easier to beat than the previous three so maybe the house edge varies between each level with the fourth stage being the one with the lowest hose edge? Give it a go; you might see what we mean, and good luck!


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