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Online casino video arcade keno game is remarkably simple and similar, we think, to the other Playtech game of Pop Bingo. However, we do have a few drawbacks with this casino game. Firstly, it's a bit dull. And we don't make comments like that lightly.

The game play is really simple but then you basically just have to sit back and let the balls fall. The level of interaction becomes a little frustrating given that players don't actually have anything to interact with in an online keno game. You simply have to click on try again after every betting round.

The best way to describe what we mean is to give our players a walkthrough of how to play. Firstly, as with most games of this ilk you must choose your stake which at a minimum is 10 cents and at maximum is $10. This $10 maximum seems pretty low but given that the largest payout is some 10,000x then it starts to make more sense. But, really, how often do you think this game pays out 10,000 times. Such a bet would pay you out a cool $100,000.

Ok, so you've chosen your stake then you have to choose your 10 lucky numbers from a selection of 80 on the keno card. You don't have to choose 10 as yopu can usually choose as little as two before yopu let the balls roll, but to make it interesting we always go for the full 10.

It really dosent matter which numbers you pick but we like to pick a random selection from the 80 and make sure they're well spaced out. For example, we have never heard of the consecutive numbers of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 coming out, ever, on any keno game or any other casino game, or even on any lottery anywhere in the world. We understand probability and odds and we know that the theory says that this combination is jkust as likely but for some reason, we just can't get our heads around it.

The keno players next move is to then choose whether they want their chosen numbers to rub for wither one of five games, then simply hit the play button and sit back as 20 balls are fired from the keno machine. If these balls land on your chosen numbers then great, if not just discount it.

The pay back of this casino arcade game is fairly simple and is based on how many of the 20 balls fired actually land on your chosen 10 numbers. The following table highlights the payout structure

Number of win balls checked

Pay back

If you had $10 on it




















We at online casino sniper tend to stay clear of offline real live dealer versions of keno because the pay back is usually much lower than the online casino game versions. In reality we estimate that live dealer keno comes in at around 81% and online keno games pay back at around the 91% level.



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