What Are Casino Networks?

You´re probably already familiar with brands such as Playtech and Microgaming. These companies operate what is known in the gambling business as online casino networks. A network is simply a central provider of gaming software. Once you´ve decided to deposit and play at a particular online casino check to see if it is part of a network.

Chances are it will be and chances are even greater that it will, somehow, impact your overall etertainment.

How? lets take Playtech as an example. There are many household casino brands that are part of this network such as Mansion Casino and Bet365. These two Casinos are simply a ´skin´of the Playtech product. What are network skins? well it means they have a different look and feel but both use the same internal systems and both offer exactly the same product. Yep, that´s right, that slot that you like to play on Bet365 will be exactly the same on Mansion Casino, it will have the same functionality, the same basic look and feel and, crucially, you will have the same chance of winning. Operators really do have no power to change the odds if they are part of a network. Believe us, we know.

So what are the benefits of playing with an operator that is part of a network? Well, because they can´t differentiate on games and software operators are left with little competitive advantage. All they are left with is the power of their brand and the strength of the bonuses they offer. All benefit you, the player!

Also, because all the operators share a common base then they must all contibute to progressive jackpots. These jackpots can be huge and people like you really do win. Yes, the odds are high but when the prize pool nears $300,000 so the odds of the jackpot tripping oput in your favour. 300 bad boys from a $2 bet. We´re in every time.

Now, just like operators there are good and bad networks so here at Casino Sniper we will only feature the ones that we know, through persoanl knowledge, to be reputable and reliable. Take Microgaming for instance.


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Online Casino Networks Such As Playtech, Microgaming and Top Game Offer Better security And Hue Prizes Online Casino Networks - massive prize pool potential
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