Improving Online Casino Technology And Games

Game play and continuous technological improvements will, in our opinion, play a pivotal role in attracting new consumers to online gambling (via affiliate marketing, online video gaming) and, more importantly, driving higher yield per customer via prolonged game time and customer retention.

We are beginning to see greater crossover between video gaming / content and gambling via the use of brands in casino games, and we see the next stage of technological developments as critical for online casino operators in improving customer service, game play speed, variety of games offered and the ability to cross sell multiple umbrella brands into existing customers. Note: key, high value customers tend to jump between sites and the art, via marketing and technology, is for operators to retain customers within theior own library of sites and games.

One only has to look at Cryptologic and their suite of Marvel comic book based games to see what direction they believe the gambling market to be heading. They now have X-men, Punisher, Daredevil, Hulk and Blade amongst many others and have built some truly exciting and enteraining casino slot machine games arouind these brands.

Additional online casino product developments are also required to retain and excite customers into wagering more. The prevalence of in-running betting is an example, and one only has to consider the handicap William Hill faced in not having a suitably robust platform to accommodate the demands of its customers for this product (this has now been rectified with the shift to Orbis's sportsbook).

Pioneering and cost effective front end (casino branding, game playability, cross-sell functions, game development) and back end (date mining, communication, retention skills, VIP programmes) technological advances should enable the online casino market to maintain and improve market share and at the same time enhance or protect customer yields and therefore, en masses technological developments should further fuel the online casino gambling stocks and shares sector over the next few years.


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Better online casino technology means superior gameplay using global brands like spiderman The rapid improvement in online casino technology means companies like Cryptologic can develop amazing games using characters with global appeal suck as Spiderman.
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