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If you were to be really truthful with yourself and ask whether you actually really do trust the online casinos claim that all odds and card deals are truly random I bet the answer would be no, and you'd be right to be sceptical. These RNGs or random number generators are still a computer programme and can't ever replicate or even mimic a truly live dealer casino experience.

Well, over the past couple of years something called live dealer casino gaming has gained massive popularity in Asia and is making inroads in the west. Indeed, most online casinos that are part of a network now offer these games as part of their standard download casino game package. The most notable networks being CWC gaming and Playtech.

Traditionally, online casino gambling means that you never get to see the dealer or the other players because the dealer is not live so dosent really exist. You never actually get to see the draw, or the live shuffle and never truly get a chance to feel any of the exitement or anticipation as you would at a true real life live casino.

With the traditional online casinos everything goes through the RNG (Random Number Generator). While this is absolutely safe, it lacks the excitement of a real dealer. With Live Dealer Games you are not playing against a machine but a real person. Psychologically or not, players feel safer playing Live Dealer Games than digitally dealt games.

When players put their hard earned deposited casino dollars at risk, they like to know that they're going against something human. The problem with most standard casino setups is that players can't see enough of what is going on. They only see digital cards when they are dealt. They only see a digital ball rolling around on an imaginary roulette wheel, or the faceless dealer flipping the blackjack cards. The fantastic thing about live dealer online casinos is that players get to see much more of what is going on. They get to see a dealer cut the decks, just as you might in a Las Vegas casino.


Live Dealer Games use REAL TIME. They video stream to project a real dealer on your screen. You are playing with somebody real (usually very pretty) and by using streaming audio, someone you can actually talk to. Pretty impressive. On top of this you can even talk to other players. - REMEMBER NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO CHAT!


Just contact an online casino that offers Live Dealer Games.

Log in

Choose a Live Dealer Game and off you go.

All pretty simple. One thing to remember however is to properly check out the casino you are going to be using. While most casinos are honest and down the line, like in any walk of life you do get rogues.

Now let's take a look at some of the games and how your screen would look.


Once you have logged into your chosen casino you need to choose which Live Dealer Game you want. The most popular is Blackjack and the least popular Sic Bo.  Once you have done this, click on a tab indicating the tables. You will be taken to a table where other live players are located. When you have chosen your table (sometimes you may have to wait for a space to become available) you should be able to see each other players screen name. On the top left hand side of your screen there is normally a large box featuring the dealer and the table of the game you are playing. In the top right hand corner you will see a talk button which you can use to communicate with other players or the Dealer.

Now to some of the Games

Live Dealer Blackjack

The most popular Live Dealer Game available, it has over the last few years sharpened up its act. Originally there were problems with the cards being used. They were normal size which made viewing for the Player very difficult. Larger cards are now used and there are cameras that zoom into your cards to make things crystal clear. If you have high speed internet access you will be able to see the cards of the deck shoe being shuffled. Overall if its excitement you want from your home then this is absolutely great value.

Live Dealer Baccarat

Get on a winning streak and the world is your oyster. Really exciting and an easy game to play. Do not be put off if there are not as many players as you would expect to find around a Blackjack table. Live Dealer Baccarat is for the moment not as popular as other games but as the number of Live Dealer Gamers increases so we envisage a real take off for this game.

Live Dealer Roulette

Many players prefer Roulette live to Blackjack live. They usually site time as the main issue. With Blackjack you have to wait for each player to place his bet before progressing. In Roulette you have a definitive cut off time. You miss that time and you have to wait for the next throw of the ball. With Roulette pay particular attention to house rules. While most casinos offer Roulette that is broadly similar, differences do exist as to how bets etc can be placed.

Live Dealer Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a very old Chinese game based on dice that uses matching tiles. The main reason few people play it is simply that it is not a particularly well publicised game and as such the general casino live player does not understand it.

So there you have it. All there is to know about Live Dealer Games.

There are many reasons to play with a live casino and the first is that you love to play casino games but you just cannot get to the brick and mortar casino as often as you would like.  We live and work in what are very busy times and many people simply don't have the free time that it takes to play in the brick and mortar casino.  When you game online you only need five minutes and you can enjoy a hand of your favourite game, and who knows, you could even win.  If all you need is five minutes imagine what you could do if you had 30 minutes or even an hour! Another very good reason for the rise in popularity of Live Dealer Games is that pure amateurs can learn how to play a game in an environment that is totally unthreatening.



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